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If you need tree services in Lynchburg, VA, you've come to the right place. Lynchburg Tree Service provides every kind of tree service you may need, from high-quality tree trimming to stump grinding and removal. In addition, our crew of certified arborists is always ready to answer your questions about tree services and assist in any way we can.

Lynchburg, VA is a vibrant and beautiful urban community surrounded by natural beauty that is simply breathtaking. The city, located in Campbell and Bedford counties, is bordered by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the James River, and not far off is the famous Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail. With low unemployment rates, low housing costs, positive net migration, and low property crime rates, even millennials want to move here.

As a part of this community, Lynchburg Tree Service appreciates the vast contribution that healthy trees make to the environment in Lynchburg, VA, and the surrounding areas. We are committed to the health of our trees and providing a great service to our customers.

Tree Services

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Arborist tree care in Lynchburg, Virginia

Arborist Tree Care in Lynchburg VA

An arborist is a person who specializes in caring for or working with trees. Expert arborists have special training in identifying different types of trees and what kinds of problems each type might have. They also know about proper pruning techniques to maintain strong and healthy trees.

Overgrown trees can be both unattractive and unsafe. Expert arborists can help you with proper tree care in your yard by pruning the trees to keep their health up. Typical tree services in Lynchburg, VA include trimming branches that are too close together or hanging over a house, removing dead limbs from trees, cutting down unhealthy trees, and even planting new ones.

A tree expert can also assist with services such as tree removal. This is especially useful for homeowners since arborists have the knowledge required to safely cut down trees while ensuring minimal impact on your property or surrounding trees and plants.

It is always advisable to leave tree work to a tree expert or arborist business whenever you are unsure about the best steps to take in tree care. As living things, the health of trees is affected by every action that is performed on them, whether it's just slight trimming or heavy pruning. Trained and experienced professionals should also be responsible for heavy-duty tree services like tree or stump removal to ensure it is done properly and safely.

An excellent way to find a tree care expert or company in your area is by asking around. If you know of someone who has had work done, ask them for recommendations or if they have any experience with the tree service company that did it. You can also search the tree care company online for reviews and ratings on sites like Google Maps. Lynchburg Tree Service is your best choice if you live in Lynchburg, VA, or the surrounding areas.

Licenses and Insurance – Make sure the tree service business carries liability insurance as well as workers' compensation coverage. Also, make sure they have all necessary tree service licenses in order to work with trees.

References – Ask them if they can provide references for previous customers so you can see firsthand just how professional they are and whether they deliver quality work.

Tree Maintenance Service

Do trees require a lot of maintenance?

Most trees in the Lynchburg area don't require a lot of maintenance. In fact, that is one of the reasons why trees do so well compared to other types of vegetation, including flowering plants, shrubs, and bushes. However, the exact amount of maintenance a tree needs will largely depend on the type of tree (species) and the season.

For instance, deciduous trees lose all their leaves in the fall and winter, which could mean a lot of cleaning up. And while most evergreens are much less messy, they can also shed their fruit, needles, and petals, which could be just as annoying. So when thinking about the amount of tree maintenance a certain species will require, you may want to do some research on how maintenance is done for that tree species before planting.

Lynchburg tree maintenance services
Tree trimming & pruning in Lynchburg, VA

Lynchburg Tree Trimming Service

Here are important things to consider when you need professional tree trimming:

  • Experience – The more experience tree service providers have, the better your chances are at getting the tree trimming job done right and on time.
  • Cost estimate – This should always come out prior to any actual work being performed. They need to give you a realistic project price based upon the size of the tree, the number of hours needed to complete the project, equipment used, etc.
  • Availability – Will the tree service team be able to meet your schedule needs? Are there times when they won't be available due to other job commitments?
  • Safety – Is safety important to them? Does it matter to them if something happens while the crew is working on your trees? What about personal injury protection?

Crown Thinning: Reducing the density of the crown while maintaining its overall form and size. It also aids in the growth of air circulation and light penetration in a tree's crown.

Crown Raising: Raising the tree's crown in order to reuse the area taken up by lower branches for safety, access, or aesthetic reasons. To avoid weakening the tree's structure, it should be done carefully.

Crown Reduction: Reducing the tree's total size, generally so it can fit in its current position. This is a more complex pruning technique that should only be carried out by a professional arborist.

Crown Cleaning: Removal of hazardous or dead tree components (such as a dead limb) while improving the tree's appearance. It's a typical trimming technique used to repair storm damage and maintain trees in public places.

Tree trimming can cost anywhere between $75 and $1500, though the average cost is around $470. The price is usually higher for larger, older trees and cheaper for smaller, younger trees. Trimming small trees tends to require less effort and equipment, while the opposite is true of larger trees. A free estimate would give you a good idea of how much you will spend on the job.

Other factors that affect the cost of tree trimming include the location and accessibility of the tree, its health as well as the distance the team of contractors has to travel to perform the task. Because of the range of factors that affect the cost of tree trimming, you are unlikely to get a straight answer when you ask about it. However, most legit tree service companies offer free estimates to prospective customers on request.

Tree Removal Lynchburg VA

Tree removal can be quite dangerous, which is why it is always best to hire a professional company for this type of job. There are literally many moving parts when cutting down a tree. That's why a reputable tree care business will observe various safety protocols to ensure that every eventuality is covered. Without these, Lynchburg tree removal could cause injuries to people in the area as well as costly property damage, including your house.

Another reason for hiring a qualified tree service is because they have all the necessary tools and knowledge required for the team to safely complete the job and deliver great service. You also need to ensure the tree removal company or contractor you hire is experienced. 

If you decide to deal with removing a tree yourself, make sure you have all the necessary tools and know-how to use them safely. You may need to call an emergency number if something goes wrong during the process.

Tree removal Lynchburg

To lower costs, you might want to find a local tree company that offers tree removal services. They'll often provide free estimates to customers via their website. Another option would be looking online. The internet has made finding reliable contractors efficient and easier than ever. Simply search “tree removal near me”. If there are any results, click through the businesses until you get to a few that seem honest and professional, and that you feel confident can provide great service. 

When reaching out to them, be sure to ask about their professional experience in tree removal as well as the safety measures they take.

  • Is safety important to them?
  • Does it matter to them if something happens while the crew is working on your trees?
  • What about personal injury protection?

The cost of tree removal depends largely on the size of the tree. Professional tree removal services can cost anywhere from $150 to $2,000, with an average cost of $700 – $750. In addition, complicated and especially large tree removals are likely to take more time and require more equipment (like cranes) and specialized skills. As a result, they will likely cost more as well. Another factor affecting price is if stump grinding will also be needed. As a prospective customer, you can always request a free estimate from the tree service beforehand.

Another major factor that affects the cost of tree removal is the condition of the tree. A diseased tree that poses a greater risk of injury or damage to your house or property during the exercise will be more expensive to remove regardless of its size. 

Emergency tree removal services typically cost more because they need to be performed more urgently (to prevent further damage) and pose more risk for the team performing the job as well as the business. For these reasons, you might end up paying as much as $5000.

It is worth noting that tree removal is usually cheaper during the winter months (when trees are dormant). Dormant trees have shed their leaves, so tree experts can more easily see what they're doing. Additionally, the demand for tree removal services is lower in winter, so prices typically go down. Reach out to us today to discuss your tree care needs.

There are several things that must be considered when choosing a tree removal service. Here are some tips to help you choose wisely.

  1. Check references – Ask around about the reputation of the Lynchburg tree services you're considering. Do not hesitate to ask friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, etc., about the experience they had working with this particular tree care business. Also, don't forget to contact previous customers from within the surrounding areas of VA directly by phone or email.
  2. Make sure the tree care company provides insurance coverage – It's important to verify whether the tree service company offers liability insurance. Liability insurance protects against legal claims arising out of injuries caused by employees during the job.
  3. Get multiple quotes – Before signing anything, always request three different quotes from various tree care services. Honest companies provide fair but realistic prices to their customers, so don't settle for the one with the lowest estimate.
Tree stump grinding being done on a Lynchburg property

Stump Grinding & Removal

Stumps left behind after cutting down a tree may cause problems like rotting wood, pest infestation, and structural instability. This could lead to serious health issues and even the collapse of buildings. Therefore, removing stumps is essential. However, it isn’t easy to do so. You sometimes need tree service experts to make it happen successfully in Lynchburg, VA.

Stump removal involves breaking off the roots at ground level and then chipping away the remaining portion of the root system. The process requires heavy machinery such as bulldozers and excavators. These machines use powerful blades to break apart the hard soil surrounding the base of the tree. Afterward, the broken pieces of the roots are collected in large piles by the tree care team for disposal.

In contrast, stump grinding involves drilling into the trunk of the tree and extracting all of the soft material inside. The goal is to level off the ground so there's nothing sticking out of it. Grinding removes only part of the root system; therefore, it doesn’t require the same amount of effort as stump removal. In addition, there is no danger of damaging nearby structures since the machine does not dig deep into the earth.

Removing tree stumps is very labor-intensive for tree service providers in Lynchburg, VA, and therefore more expensive compared to grinding. However, it is sometimes necessary when you need to repurpose the space for construction or landscaping, for instance.

Tree care companies in Lynchburg, VA charge anywhere from $100 to $500 on average for this service, depending on the diameter of the tree stump, which in turn affects how long it takes to complete the job. However, it is worth noting that if you have several stumps to remove, the company offering stump grinding service may offer a discounted rate for the second and other subsequent stumps. You might also choose to rent a stump grinder and do it yourself to lower your tree care costs, especially if you are only dealing with small stumps of young trees.

Land Clearing Service

Land clearing typically has to do with the removal of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that is performed on an undeveloped piece of property. There are many reasons why people in Lynchburg, VA might want their land cleared. Some homeowners simply enjoy having grassy areas where they can play sports or relax outdoors. Others might be interested in building new decks or patios. Commercial land clearing may be performed by a tree service company to make room for a new building or parking lot, or for landscaping purposes.

Clearing a piece of land will generally cost between $1000 and $4000 for a lot that is smaller than an acre. However, a heavily forested area could cost up to $6,000 to clear. Most tree service or land clearing companies in Lynchburg, VA charge per square foot or per acre, depending on the size of the property and how much brush removal is needed. Grading and leveling to prep the lot for construction usually drives the price up.

Land clearing and forestry mulching services
A forestry mulcher clearing land for construction in Lynchburg

Forestry Mulching Service

Forestry mulching can simply be described as land clearing using one machine – a forestry mulcher, brushcutter, or forest masticator. It is a much faster process compared to a typical land clearing which involves several steps. Additionally, the mulched material can be left in the ground, thus reducing the risk of erosion. However, this can only be done on a lot with relatively small trees.

The biggest heavy-duty forestry mulchers can clear up to 15 acres in a day in Lynchburg, VA. However, most mulchers clear between one and three acres of land in eight hours, depending on the terrain and thickness.

Clearing one acre of land will cost between $400 and $2500, again depending on the terrain and thickness.

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